Globa-Tennis Testimonials

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Hi JP,

Thank you so much for the private tennis lesson in Tokyo the other day. It was very helpful and I enjoyed a lot. I look forward to practicing what I learned in the lesson.
Waka K. (Nov 2014)

Dear JP,

Thank you for the great group tennis lesson last thursday. I really enjoyed it as well. Many thanks and looking forward to the next lesson!
Warm regards,
Melissa S. (Sept 2013)

Hi JP,

After hours of traveling, I´m back in Oslo. Just wanted to thank you very much for the great tennis lessons on thursdays in Tokyo. It´s been very inspiring - you are very good coach/leader!
If you ever start up a tennis course in Europe, please tell me - and I will bring with me my 4 tennis friends for some games with you! :-)
Lars M. (Apr 2013)

Hi JP,

I really enjoy your adult tennis group classes in central Tokyo...and I feel I am improving a lot cause your advise is very accurate. I am so excited at next class. See you then!! ;)
Yumiko H. (Oct 2012)

Hello JP! Thank you for a very enjoyable year of private tennis lessons with my children in Tokyo! As I said before, you have definitely brought all of our tennis up to a new level and it is really nice to see all the boys enjoying the game so much. You are a very good teacher and we want you to know that we have enjoyed getting to know you this year and we have appreciated all of your work in improving our game.
With kind regards,
Denise M. (May 2012)

Loving Monday night sessions and being back on the court. Jean-Pierre is always supportive and focuses on technique while we play, I’m really happy to keep learning like this. Just wish I could play more!
Hannah M. (level 4.0/Aug 2011)

I have been attending JP`s tennis class for more than two years. He clearly is an experienced coach of adults; he can sense how much you want to change your style of play and give you some great tips for trying to achieve this. I have a lot of fun playing tennis but also feel that I improve in certain areas while doing so. JP also organizes the classes so that you are playing with others of a similar ability level and there are never more than four to a court!
Mark C. (level 4.5/Aug 2011)

While many coaches simply hit balls with you, JP watches every aspect of how you play in great detail. He's able to find areas of improvement that are so often overlooked by other coaches and make simple suggestions that make immediate improvements. I've been taking lessons for one year and have made more progress than in the previous 5 years combined.
(Mark B. - level 4.0 / Aug, 2011)

I have been taking classes with Globa Tennis for about two years, and the coaches have helped improve my game in many ways. In particular, JP has improved my match-play strategy while emphasizing my strengths and also diversifying my game. The lessons are a very good blend of drills and match play.
(Daniel L. - level 5.0 / Aug, 2011)

JP is a great coach. He knows the game very well and how to evaluate/motivate players. He gets them to work on the parts of their game that need it, whether technical or mental, and helps them to improve.
(Ethan H. - level 4.5 / Jul, 2011)

Dear JP - Thank you for the e-mail. Also thank you for coaching last night! I had a lot of fun and would like to continue.
(Shoko H. - level 2.0 / Jun, 2011)

Dear JP - I had a lot of fun yesterday, thank you! So I would like to participate again next week! I look forward to it.
(James Mc G. - level 3.5 / Jun, 2011)

Cher Jean-Pierre, C'est avec regret que nous vous annoncons notre départ du Japon! Arnaud a eu son dernier cours de Tennis avec vous hier et il ne vous oubliera pas car il a énormement progressé grâce à vous. Il doit continuer à progresser et sa volonté de réussir, sa motivation l'aidera à améliorer son service; son tennis en général. Je tiens à vous remercier pour votre sérieux, votre professionnalisme et vous souhaite beaucoup de nouvelles inscriptions à la rentrée scolaire. C'est non sans émotion que Arnaud est rentré hier soir à la maison après son cours de Tennis avec vous. Encore merci et bonne chance à vous!
Florence F. (Junior's mother - Jun, 2011)

JP has been my tennis coach for over 3 years. Over that time I have significantly improved my game. There are a number of reasons why - firstly and foremost, JP had an uncanny ability to see and correct both my physical, as well as mental shortcomings, secondly, he pushes hard to perform at a higher level that at first seems beyond your reach and thirdly, he makes it all a lot of fun. I can only highly recommend JP as a coach and wish I had found him earlier!!
(Bill S. - level 3.5 / May, 2011)

Hi JP - Thanks again for an awesome tennis retreat – I had a great time and really appreciate all the hard work that you and your wife put in to ensure the retreat was a success. Mike and I were amazed and would definitely be interested in attending a summer retreat.
(Daniel L. - level 5.0 / May, 2011)

JP - Thanks for letting me participate in Tuesday night tennis last night. I really enjoyed it and I look forward to another opportunity. Regards,
(Edward F. - level 5.0 / Feb, 2011)

Jean-Pierre. Je voulais te remercier pour ces soirées de tennis formidables auxquelles j'ai pu participer. J'ai retrouvé l'envie de jouer au tennis qui m'avait abandonné il y a longtemps! Ca a été un plaisir de te connaitre, et si nous n'avons pas l'occasion de nous revoir, je te souhaite beaucoup de succès dans tes projets!
(François B. - level 5.0 / Nov, 2010)

JP - Just a short message to say how much I enjoyed the tennis session last night - it is something I look forward to every week. I also feel that my tennis is getting a little better, something I did not think would be possible again in my life and I really like the way that you give me small tips but don’t try to change my grip or style in any big way. For me I also like the session structure at the moment, mostly intense drills with some sort of short game or practice at the end. Look forward to more sessions throughout the year.
(Mark C. - level 4.5 / Oct, 2010)